Burning Man 2024

Burning Man 2024 – Application Checklist

Welcome, future MythMakers! Ready to dive into an epic adventure that blends creativity, community, and the joy of the Playa? We’re thrilled you’re considering joining our tribe. Whether you’re a seasoned burner or a curious newcomer, your journey to becoming a part of our vibrant camp starts here. Let’s make this experience unforgettable, filled with laughter, learning, and a whole lotta Playa dust.

Application Checklist:

Please read through all of this before you get started:
  1. Make sure you know When, Where, and What Burning Man is 😉
  2. Record your Intro Video (* Applicants with videos will get priority attention *):

    Express your commitment to learning, sharing, and experiencing the magic of the desert together and highlight what you bring to the group, in a recorded video. Here is what you should include:

    • How many burns have you attended?
    • What skills and offerings do you bring to our camp and community?
    • Why did you choose MythMaker?
    • And why should we choose you?
    • Where are you from in the world?
    • Are you interested in performing in the fire conclave?
    • Will you need a ride to the playa?
    • Are you interested in being a part of the build crew?
    • Would you like to purchase a camp ticket through us? Upload your video file in the application form (link below), or send it directly to Hjeron O’sidhe in Facebook Messenger
  3. Absorb the MythMaker Burning Man vision document, determine if it’s in alignment with your values.
  4. Read and understand our camp’s vibe: teamwork, creativity, and respect for all.
  5. Agree to embrace the essence of the 4 Toltec Agreements and our camp’s Code of Conduct & Expectations.
  6. Review all the Volunteer roles available, and prepare to share your talents and how you’ll contribute to the camp.
  7. Embrace the gift culture of Burning Man – agree that you will bring your best self and contributions.
  8. Submit the completed application form with your personal info and your secret code phrase* (*Hint – if you don’t know what this is, you haven’t followed the instructions).
  9. Once you’ve submitted your application, reach out through the facebook group or by email to book an interview.

Ready to get started?

Remember after you’ve submitted your application, reach out through the facebook group or by email to book an interview. Being a MythMaker is about more than just attending Burning Man; it’s about being part of a community that values creativity, respect, and shared experiences. We can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to our village. Good Luck, Have Fun!