MythMaker Burning Man Vision


Greetings and Welcome to Mythmaker! We are a Tribe, a Family, a close Circle of Friends. We can be Wild and Ridiculous at times, yet also, Deep and Respectful. Playful and Honorable. Foolish, yet Sacred, Free, but also Disciplined, And, most of all… Empowering, Cooperative and Supportive.

We are here to play and create in the Grand QUEST! One Experience and One Person at a time. In the funnest, most Epic ways possible!!!

If this Stirs your Spirit, Fuels your Imagination, and Inspires your Desires, then read on to learn how You can join us on this Journey… our 14th year at Burning Man!

Behold your first test! Your Quest is to read, absorb, and reflect on the words to come for they help us align and learn how to play the game together.  Also, keep vigilant for the secret code phrase!  You will need it!

Good luck on your grand reading adventure… Like Life, this is all a game, a test, and yes, a Great Quest…

Camp Mythmaker is a Theme Camp and Creative Community made up of people from our core in Vancouver, Canada and collaborators from all around the world.

We Work Hard, Play Harder, Burn Fire, Make Music, Enjoy our Freedom, Participate in Healing, are mostly wild Heathens, and expect clear Communication & Consent.

Together, we offer our fellow Burners many epic, interactive experiences such as Ritual Fire Theatre, a Flaming Viking Ship Musician Stage, a Fully Stocked Mead Hall where we offer our unique Quest games, a Beautiful Temple to the Goddess, and many Thoughtful, Playful, and Skills based Workshops.

We provide our members with Safe Spaces to set up your rustic sleeping gear under our Shaded Lounges and Tunnels, an Amazing Meal Plan, Meaningful Social Connections, Access to Fabulous Photographers, a chance to participate in the Man Burn Conclave Show, and New Burner Support.

Although we Build and Offer our Theme Camp together as a Team, we honour everyone’s desire to also experience the Burn. Whether you wish to explore the Burn on solo journeys, in small groups, or with one of our many giant roaming group parties, there will be many ways for you to have a life changing experience in Black Rock City with MythMaker!

To embody ancient mythologies, cultural archetypes, and spiritual technologies that will allow us to regain a connection to our ancient Ancestry and Nature. 

From this we seek to gain the clarity and sensitivity needed to think and live sustainably. To inspire this new myth into existence by being examples of people who share vibrant, living mythologies through performance art, community, and events.

In other words, we are a bunch of fun-loving pagans and artists just trying to make the world a better place while having as much fun as possible!!

So, keep reading, intrepid adventurer, there is much to learn before you begin! 

  • Possess the Attitude of Gratitude; Be Grateful, Gracious and Generous
  • Be Safe! Be Aware! Be Responsible! We’re here to have the most sustainable fun possible!! 
  • You are not going to a party! You are not going to a festival! 

You are going to a present-day post-apocalyptic city of 80,000 people dedicated to art, expression, and new culture. There will be dozens of festivals happening within this city, and hundreds of parties, but that is not the reason we burn. We Burn to Celebrate Human Creativity and Connection!

  • You are going on an adventure! 

This is not a Disney ride or a movie on your cozy couch! You will be forming a fellowship and questing to throw the ring into mount doom, or seeking to reclaim and reform your description of yourself and your view of life while riding a sparkling unicorn/dragon/fish to the grilled cheese temple to join in an ancient tea ceremony where you will lose yourself in your own tears of exhaustion and have the world you thought you knew fall away and be replaced by a new, hopefully more accurate and enjoyable one!

  • You are responsible for how you feel and your own comfort and safety. There will be a tribe of caring, skilled allies to help you, but this is their GIFT to you, not their responsibility.
  • You will be working in the hot sun and possibly dust storms to create our own camp and shelter with the rest of us.
  • You will be dancing and exploring deep into the desert and a sea of anomalous experiences with a tribe of friends, many who have never experienced this before.
  • You will be uncomfortable.
  • You will most likely cry.
  • You will most likely be angry at some point.
  • You will meet new friends that may last a lifetime.
  • Likely you will have experiences that become life stories you will tell for the rest of your life.
  • Your expectations and ideas of what will happen will NOT be what happens. The surprises and experiences that happen are not something you could imagine or expect.
  • Prepare a decompression or integration plan, as coming back to the default world can be challenging. We are a community here to help each other. The world can seem dull and difficult after Burning Man. Consider attending our Cougar Hot Springs Decompression in Oregon.
  • Don’t bring anything to the Burn you can’t live without or afford to lose.
  • Everything will be dusty! And some things will never be ‘not dusty’ again.
  • MythMaker is not responsible for your addiction to the Burning Man Experience 😉
  • You may choose to change the direction of your life after this experience.
  • When the Shit hits the Fan, and you hit your limits…. Don’t be an Asshole! Walk it off, Talk it out, get Support! Face it all with respect and communication!
  • Explore the philosophy of clear communication & the Toltec 4 Agreements (more on this to come)

If this sounds like the Burn you’re looking for and you are ready to go to the next level…

IF this is your 1st year. Please take a moment to follow THIS LINK to the Burning Man 10 Principles to familiarize yourself with the core values that most BM attendees hold and share. In our Camp, these are the foundation of most of who we are and why we are coming to the Desert.