Hjeron O’Sidhe

Theatrical Director Hjeron O’Sidhe began working in the performance arts at a very young age. He was honoured to recieve personal tutelage in Celtic and Native American cultural mythology and storytelling over the last 15 years, and over the last 10 years in central and South American mythology and cultural studies. While living in London he studied photography, lighting techniques and video. During and after collage he founded “Sacred Earth Studios” a portable digital recording studio dedicated to ethnomusicology and the preservation of traditional sacred music from around the world. At the same time he composed the music for several bands and theatre productions touring eastern and central Canada. Feeling limitations in the music genre Hjeron returned to his roots in theatre forming Mythmaker Productions, a theatre company dedicated to re-empowering the ancient arts of storytelling by blending creative and performance arts of all genres. Since 1999 Hjeron has written, directed, acted and composed the musical scores for 12 performances pieces focused on storytelling, movement and cultural/community empowerment.